Yamaha YZ250A (1974)

When the DT1 was introduced in 1968, Don Jones initiated development of the machine for professional level motocross for sons, Gary and Dewayne. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed by the Yamaha factory and very soon a working relationship was established. In 1970 Gary Jones won his first race on a Yamaha closely related to what would become the production YZ-A series. Gary went on to win the 250 National Championships in 1971 and 1972 on a hybrid version of the earliest Jones modified DT1.

By 1971, Torsten Hallman appeared in GP’s racing a similar lightweight Yamaha motocrosser, sending a message to the European establishment that another Japanese manufacture was joining the fray.

Notice the low slung engine, the whittled down forks and hardware, and the gas tank attached with Velcro straps. These are all Don Jones initiated modifications to improve the weight, handling, and ergonomics of the DT1 hybrid.

This machine was meticulously restored by Frans Munsters in the Netherlands and shipped to the Early Years of Motocross Museum.