Yamaha YZ125C Motocross (1976)

1975 was a ground breaking year for motocross. The 125cc World Championship was introduced and Yamaha unveiled the first 125cc production monoshock motocrosser. Introduced in 1975, but produced for the 1976 model year, this first 125cc 6-speed monoshock motocrosser set a new standard for all 125 racers and manufacturers. The chrome bore was replaced with a more serviceable cast sleeve and horsepower was increased to 20.18. The reed case was increased from 2 to 4 pedals and the intake was further aided by changing from a 28mm Mikuni to a 38.

Yamaha designed the race oriented 125 YZC to combat the Hondas and Suzuki’s and the end result was a very competitive bike that provided the power and handling that would propel it to the top of the class. Bob Hannah raced a full works 125cc to give Yamaha its first 125cc National Championship.

This YZ125C was meticulously restored by David Rector and is on loan to the Early Years of Motocross Museum.