Yamaha RT1-MX (1971)

This is a second year example of Yamaha’s entrant into the open motocross class. The chassis was almost unchanged from the DT1 Enduro that was introduced in 1968 and limited the competitiveness of the RT1. Lights were stripped off of the MX version and the factory GYT kit (Genuine Yamaha Tuning) was standard equipment.

The most attractive thing about the RT1 was the price ($995), much cheaper than the European open bikes. Customers were also attracted to the simpler and cleaner design of the Yamaha, although serious racers never considered the open class Yamaha.

It would be three years later before Yamaha entered the open class with a serious and competitive bike that would be dubbed – YZ360A.

Bill West of Vintage Works did the restoration on this machine and it now resides in the Early Years of Motocross Museum.