Yamaha MX400B (1975)

Pumped up by Hakan Andersson’s World 250 title the previous year along with Pierre Karsmakers’ dynamic 1973 US Open Class win, Yamaha was ready to take the monoshock from the limited production YZB model to a mass appeal production machine. The MX400B was catnip to the buoyant MX and off-road market in the US.

This motorcycle was pivotal in the birth of White Brothers. While working at Orange County Cycle, Tom took a class at Yamaha on proper rebuilding procedures and took this training to the next level working with top local riders like Bruce Baron, Morris Malone, and Mike and Scott Gillman. In a short time, OCC was the number one motocross dealer in the US. Tom took the modification skills he developed working on the monoshock and started Tom White Cycle Specialties in 1975. In early 1976, brother Dan left his position at Kawasaki to join Tom and the name was changed to White Brothers Cycle Specialties.

The MX400B that you see here was restored by Vintage Iron.