Bultaco Pursang 250 Mk4 Motocross Model (1971)

When the Mk. 4 hit the track (1971 and 1972) it was hailed as Bultaco’s best looking dirt bike ever. From the start, the Pursang was a deadly serious motocross competitor even if its long wheelbase, fork angle and low center of gravity also made it a true challenger in smoother dirt track competition. The engine was blessed with usable torque and strong top end power.

The Mk. 4 was sold in two versions, a scrambles model with a 19” front wheel, universal tires, and clip on handlebars, and a motocross model with a 21” front wheel, knobby tires, and cross braced MX style handlebar. This example is the motocross model and was restored by Vintage Iron.

The Pursang is especially dear to me as I rode a similar scrambles model with support from Bultaco in America through my novice professional year (1972). What an awesome slider with excellent usable power! THUMBS UP!